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They maintained that all the religions of the Near East were identical.

Using and misusing Babylonian scientific texts and the so-called Epic of Gilgamesh a core of scholars concluded that Babylonian astral science had influenced all religions and cultures.

The theme of diffusion of culture from Babylon originated with discoveries and theories regarding Babylonian metrology.

(Jensen's assertions followed the same general method as the assertions of Stucken and Winckler, differing from them only in the material used for comparisons.)For simplicity the concepts of astronomical mythology can be divided into (1) pre German Star-myth/Panbabylonism period, (2) German Star-myth/Panbabylonism period, and (3) post German Star-myth/Panbabylonism period.

() The star-myth school originated in the last decade of the 19th-century by Ernst Siecke, Eduard Stucken, by and Hugo Winckler building upon their ideas.

The "Bible versus Babel" controversy originated in the first decade of the 20th-century by Friedrich Delitzsch.

The wider dates for Panbabylonism - which was largely a phenomenon in German scholarship - are 1890 to 1925.

The Panbabylonists were almost entirely confined to Germany.

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The coherence detector has a number of signal inputs (EST) for input signal values, a sorter (S1) which sorts the input values by value and outputs them in parallel, subtractors (-) for subtracting adjacent sorted values, a second sorter (S2) for sorting the differences by value and outputting the smallest, a selector (=) for selecting the value pair with the smallest difference and an output device ((/2) which outputs the mean of the selected value pair.