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But be careful that you don’t cross those professional boundaries into more dangerous territory.Boundary violations can range from the obvious – engaging in sexual activity with a patient – to other transgressions, such as relationships with someone close to a patient, peer-to-peer relationships or those with other health care practitioners.If another practitioner forms a “reasonable belief” that you have engaged in sexual misconduct, they must report you to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), under mandatory reporting requirements.The Medical Board of Australia’s guidelines on sexual boundaries state: “Good medical practice relies on trust between doctors and patients and their families.Some of the things you need to consider include: A practitioner was treating a patient with anxiety and depression.To help her manage her condition he emailed her sound files with music he believed she liked and also pictures of art and other subjects.

He was deeply remorseful for the effect the relationship had had on his patient, her partner and his own family and admitted that his conduct amounted to professional misconduct.

We live and work in an age of informality and multiple forms of communication.

This can result in inadvertent encouragement of a patient’s feelings.

When an explanation was given, the Board took no adverse action, but the practitioner could have avoided the stress of a disciplinary process by recognising some of the warning signs.

When the patient tried to encourage more personal sharing, the practitioner could have firmly but kindly indicated it was important not to blur boundaries.

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The doctor took steps to address the issues that led to the transgression including: The Tribunal was satisfied that Dr U demonstrated genuine insight and contrition and had taken positive steps to address the issues which allowed the conduct to occur.

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