Officers dating cadets

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Officers dating cadets

4, 1876, as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. Richard Coke, who was the president of the board of directors, spoke at the college's opening ceremony in front of Bryan residents, college staffers and six students.

With few exceptions, if one was a student during the first 87 years of the school's history, he was a cadet. The campus housed 106 students by the end of the next semester in the spring, according to Hardeman.

These citizen soldiers were taught how to handle rifles and swords provided by the government.

The Corps' record of military service began with the Spanish-American War in 1898.

The directors chose John James, a Virginia Military Institute graduate and head of the Texas Military Institute, to turn things around. Military training and service There was talk of closing the school because of low funding and lack of strong leadership, until Gov.

Lawrence Sullivan Ross was appointed A&M president in 1890, according to by Henry C. Ross was a Civil War veteran and brought A&M into a period of growth and prestige, including expanding academics, enforcing discipline, new buildings and more administration.

The board of directors made participation in the Corps optional for those who had already served in the military.

Aggies continue to serve in the military and receive commissions upon graduation.

In each world war, A&M provided more officers than any other college or service academy.The photo shows the class of 1941 being commissioned at Guion Hall. Approximately 14,000 of them were officers, more than any other school, including military academies. If not for the Corps of Cadets, Texas A&M would not exist.Military training was the reason for the campus' creation and symbolizes the university's foundation for traditions and pride.Today, the "RVs" are an honor guard, a unit with ceremonial duties.Members are expected "to exemplify the traits of Sul Ross, ‘Soldier, Statesman, and Knightly Gentleman,'" according to .

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As the university has evolved along with society, the Corps — known as "Keepers of the Spirit of Aggieland" — continues to be known for its values and leadership.