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One manifestation of the focus on renewables was the conversion of one 645 MWe unit of the Drax coal-fired power plant to burn biomass, mainly imported wood pellets, for a guaranteed power price of £105/MWh.However, in April 2014 the second unit converted to biomass was denied similar investment contract support, leaving it to recoup costs from Renewables Obligation Certificates (at 0.9 ROC/MWh; the average ROC price in May 2014 was about £41.70) plus the wholesale power price – about £50/MWh. However, the government offered an investment contract with price guarantee for the third Drax unit (see also UK section in the Energy Subsidies information paper).

Note that in the main capacity figures published, those for wind and solar are adjusted to allow for intermittency, by a factor of 0.43 for wind and 0.17 for solar PV, hence 'declared net capacity' (DNC) – “the nominal maximum capability of a generating set to supply electricity to consumers”.In 2015, 45% of the UK's gas was from domestic production, primarily in the North Sea.38% came from European pipelines, 35% of which was from Russia.In 2010-11 the price of renewable energy certificates doubled the price or electricity from those sources – an increasing proportion, including imports – more than one-quarter.Hence energy poverty is an issue in the UK (as elsewhere), and in the winter of 2012-13 some 31,000 excess deaths – mostly people over 75 – were reported by the Office of National Statistics, the highest figure since 2008.

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The looming decommissioning cost is likely to be in excess of £30 billion, with the government liable for 60% of this.