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Hart of dixie 2x03 online dating

She brings out a different side in him than Lemon (Jaime King) did because Tansy and Lemon are polar opposites.

"What does it look like with these two opposites trying to make it last as boyfriend and girlfriend?

Wade and Zoe continue to date, however face set backs time and time again.

Annabeth begins having feelings for Levon and later the two sleep together, leaving Lemon devastated by her best friends betrayal.

Magnolia's kind of a wannabe bad girl I would say and I think we're going to see that dynamic play out as the two of them find out and have to deal with Brick's much younger new girlfriend.

THR: Which I assume, a lot of comedy will come out of Brick's (Tim Matheson) new dating situation.

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I think that we're going to find a lot of fun with her neuroses about how to even deal with anything.