Dating your friend39s crush

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I even made a meme with that cute little seal with the awkward face that said “when one of your poet crushes follows you on IG and you’re trying to play it cool.” I mean, you would have thought Michelle Obama sent me a “wanna grab coffee? I mean—we don’t live in the same city or area, we don’t have mutual friends, we don’t brunch together, there was no visible link to connect us at any time. Normally, I can give a witty comeback (that’s why my nickname is Whitty… It wasn’t even 8am on a Saturday morning when I saw this message he sent the night before and I began to call all my sisters! I got ahold of two of them and told them what happened. I had to make this conversation lead to more than just flirting.

He’s a Bay Area native just like me, and comes into town often. It took an entire committee on my end to even make this happen! Five precious days to prepare is no time at all when you’re going out with your long-time crush!

He’s a writer, social activist, business owner and musician.

Many of our interests overlap, but because of his legit stardom, I just admired him from afar. (Sometimes I forget I’m not from NYC.) I became a fan of his because of his poetry, but he is no starving artist, let me tell you!

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He then told me he would just get it boxed up for me and we could go somewhere to get some tea or dessert. It took a few minutes to park, but there was space in some random parking lot. And he looked so freaking adorable with his navy blue blazer and khaki pants and dress shoes. When I got there, I was super frantic and gathered my thoughts and he was so patient and kind.He and I were friends on Facebook, and suddenly one day, HE STARTED FOLLOWING ME ON INSTAGRAM. He was comparing intimacy to playing an instrument, and me being so bold, I commented something a little flirty (more like naughty, but I like to say flirty! I’m not joking, I opened up the IG app on my phone and he was saying something flirty, along the lines of how I don’t really want lessons.You have NO IDEA how juiced I was to have someone of his caliber even take the time to push the button “Follow” for some peon like me (usually I speak extremely highly of myself because, well, I’m amazing… When I received the notification that he was following me, I dang near passed out. But still, I wasn’t giving it much thought because with the women he has at his disposal, I for sure was nowhere on his radar. 🙂 One day, he posted a video that was a little on the more… I think I had a panic attack while I was reading his response! I even told him I was having a fangirl moment (I’m such a dork) but I guess he found it endearing.That same night, I was going to dinner with a youth group I volunteer with.I was having a great time, but out of nowhere when we were heading home, I started to feel like crap. All I could think was, I was so afraid, but then it dawned on me: There has been a flu that has been going around my company for almost two months now. I tried not to panic, I just knew I had less than two days to get better. This was a real shot at a quality guy and come hell or high water, I was going to be there.

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One of my sisters texted me bright and early telling me how excited she was too.

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