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Taking Care Of Business (1990): Jimmy (James Belushi) is a likable convict who wins some baseball tickets and escapes from prison to see the game.

While ducking police, he finds Spencer's (Charles Grodin) travel planner and attempts to return it for a reward, but instead starts posing as him.

The police arrive at the club, so Kate helps Cash escape by dressing him up as her girlfriend. TR:4.0 Translation: Aunt Trude From Buxtehude Taxi Zum Klo (1981) Frank Ripploh wrote, directed and stars in this autobiographical movie.

He's a school teacher in Germany, but he's also gay and keeps that a secret from work.

After the weekend, he needs to get back into the prison... Yes, he ends up posing as his own mother to get back in!

Suspend all your reasoning faculties, and enjoy a funny little movie.

Some of the performers include Betty Page, Tempest Storm, Chris La Chris, Twinnie Wallen, and female impersonator Vicki Lynn (which includes her "reveal" upon act end).

Peppe & Roccio return from "Varietease" with the exact same dance clip pasted in. Tenant (1976): Roman Polanski directs and stars in this psychological thriller as a man who rents an apartment in France where the previous female tenant, Simone, committed suicide. American novelist Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) is stalked by a serial killer when he arrives in Rome.

They escape from prison to clear their names and plan to meet back up at a strip club were Tango's sister Kate (hottie Teri Hatcher) works.Unfortunately he only appears briefly in drag towards the end of the movie, but he looks great! TR:4.3 This Is the Army(1943): Ronald Reagan stars in this movie which involves putting together an all-soldier show based on the successful Yip Yip Yaphank Show (music by Irving Berlin).The surrounding story is weak, but the dance and song numbers are a treat with lots of soldiers getting in drag as chorus girls, waitresses, and dance partners.As WWII breaks out in Italy, some Englishwomen are shuttled off to a camp.Staying with them is Wilfred (Paul Chequer), the son of one of the women, who stays disguised as "Miss Lucy." As time progresses, his increasing distaste of the role eventually causes him to reveal his male name, run outside tearing off his dress screaming, "I'm a man, I'm a man!

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I have the full version which includes an extra song and dance number that is removed from most American versions of the film... TR:4.3 Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967): Millie (Julie Andrews) arrives in town and befriends Dorothy (Mary Tyler Moore).

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