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Dating seminars denver

This course will focus on the interplay between §2K2.1 and §2D1.1 for defendants charged with offenses involving guns and drugs.

Attendees will leave this course with an understanding of the steps necessary to analyze whether a prior conviction may be used as a predicate offense for recidivist enhancements such as career offender and Armed Career Criminal.Scenarios will be used to demonstrate how credit is calculated in particular circumstances, and the panel will identify suggested language to best assist the court in achieving the appropriate sentence under §5G1.3.Finally, the panel will discuss application of §5K2.23 (Discharged Terms of Imprisonment).In the course, attendees will learn about the major Chapter Three adjustments in the Guidelines Manual, including acceptance of responsibility, obstruction of justice, role adjustments, and the vulnerable victim enhancement, among others.This session will use scenarios and an audience response system to demonstrate basic application principles of the criminal history rules.

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Part 2 of the Economic Crimes series will focus on restitution issues, including determining who is a victim, which harms are compensable, and the difference between loss calculations and restitution awards.