Dating and friendship in spain

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Dating and friendship in spain

Some children go Carol singing and the youngsters may go to bed whilst the adults go out and party until dawn.

Every town and most churches will have a 'belen' which is a nativity display.

The evening may start at home but often ends up with a party in a hotel, club or disco with friends and family.

It is likely that every generation of the family is represented.

It is covered with sugar and fruit flavoured jellies.After the meal the adults will then exchange presents.The children will usually only receive a small gift.This may be followed by soup then baked besugo (Bream) with potatoes followed by roast lamb or suckling pig.Game is another option although turkey is becoming popular.

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They were then part of a procession of hundreds of decorated floats that weaved their way through the city, well into the night. The whole event is covered live on the local television. Through all our travels of Spain, we have yet to see a fiesta with such enthusiasm.