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They also had the opportunity to purchase luxurious fabrics for quilting.Even tobacco companies took advantage of the trend, encouraging men of the house to buy their products, including pieces of silk.Most designs consists of four embellished appliqué squares.Four squares are finished with an appliqué edge while the other four squares have only a thin edge tacked down and a 1/4″ clearance, so they can be joined, for a total of eight designs.

Linda Atwill of Molly Mine has practically written the machine embroidery handbook for crazy quilting.

Random scraps were basted to a muslin or flannel foundation block, not pieced as with most quilts.

Edges were turned under and decorative stitching covered the seams.

Employing a method known as “fancy work,” crazy quilts include brightly colored embroidery thread, which allow the stitching between fabric patches to be seen and admired, rather than subtly incorporated as a part of the whole. The abstract designs seen in crazy quilts are the result of a changing cultural climate, and growing access to a wider variety of materials through trade and greater economic prosperity.

The use of realistic appliqué flowers gave these quilts a three dimensional effect. Crazy Quilt " data-medium-file=" w=216&h=300" data-large-file=" w=380" class="size-medium wp-image-9998" title="Margaret A.

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