6 month dating anniversary gift for him

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All jokes aside, what we mean is go to the zoo or visit an aquatic exhibit. Doing those things often can lead you to not turn to them when a special occasion comes. You watched Netflix all week, why would you want to do that on your anniversary?

Spending the day viewing animals isn’t just for kids. So instead plan to watch the theater in a different way.

Set up an appointment at your local spa, for a couples day of therapy.

You can hit the sauna together or partake in a couples massage. Plan for a night on the town and hit all the hottest clubs with your partners!

You can simply dress up in your best clothes and go out to a nice dinner together.

Putting yourself in a more relaxed, classier environment will make it feel as if you are trying something brand new!

Of course it’s not been quite a year yet, but the time that you have been together should count for something!

It also paves a road into intricate discussion and thought with your partner. When you get home you might even be inspired to create art together! Alright, so now might not be the best time to plan a big vacation.

You can go to the next major city or even find a hotel/motel in your area!

Just getting out of the house is exciting and will bring you two closer together. You don’t have to travel far and wide to show your partner that you love them and the last 6 months you have been together.

Going to a cooking class together is a great way to not only feel closer to your partner, but to also help you learn what being a team really is. It means even more if it’s one that you made with each other.

And no, we don’t mean in the freaky way, get your mind out of the gutter!

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Take them dancing, feed them appetizers and let the beat do the speaking for the both of you!